Hard work yields perfect seasons for volleyball and golf


Iz Munoz, Production Manager

The boys varsity volleyball team has had nothing short of an incredible year. Being undefeated in league with an overall record of 25-1 is something all Branham sports teams aspire to accomplish.

The Bruins have had some tough matches this season, for they are in the A league; yet, they pulled out a dub each and every match. Another noteworthy accomplishment they achieved was winning first place in the tournament at Harbor High School.

The Branham boys made it to the second round of CCS, clutching a bye the first round because of them being the second seed in the ranking. They hosted the match on Thursday, May 11; however, sadly their season came to an end that night. The game seemed to go point by point as their opponent, Mt Madonna, was a very skilled team. The game was taken to 5 sets; Branham winning the 1st and 3rd set while Mt Madonna won the 2nd, 4th, and final set.

Captains Keith Hackleman, Jordan Bateman, and Cole Gillis believed this to be an unbelievable season for themselves and for their team. Keith said, “The season was better than expected. It was a great way to end my senior year.”

Likewise, the boys JV team also had an incredible year, finishing 2nd in league.

The JV boys incredibly won every match except for their matches against rival school, Leigh High School. However, the games against Leigh were always close, always taking the Longhorns to a 3rd set.

The JV squad exemplified excellent talent this season, even having one player, Dylan Staud being pulled up to varsity in the middle of the season. Jonathan Vo was also moved up to varsity at the end of the season and for the CCS match.

Jonathan describes his experience being pulled up to varsity as only a sophomore.

“Being pulled up was such a sudden change, as the difference in the JV and varsity style of play was huge. The team did a great job welcoming me in and I felt like I had been there the whole season!”

Coach Cooper could not have had more of an amazing year. Leading both the girl’s volleyball team and the boy’s volleyball team to league champs, Cooper could not have asked for anything better. Seeing the passion that she has for both the boys and girls teams is something that every coach should have; Branham could not be more lucky to have her.