Undefeated JV girls win league championships


Laura Heffernan, Staff Writer

Branham swimming and diving had a successful season this year with junior varsity girls finishing the season undefeated (7-0) and gaining the title of league champions.

Sophomore and junior varsity swimmer, Doreen Yu, displayed excellence this season in the 100 meter freestyle, when she pulled ahead in the last 25 meters to take first.

Junior varsity girls have come a long way since last year.

Sophomore Sam Rocheville said, “I think we really stepped up our game from last year…” Rocheville also adds how proud she is that everyone worked hard because they wanted to be league champions.

Two girls from the varsity team, Bailey Donaldson and Melissa Muslic, advanced to CCS (Central Coast Section).

Donaldson advanced in the 100 meter backstroke and finished with a final time of 1:01.56 which is faster than her qualifying time (1:02.59). Donaldson also swam the 100 meter butterfly and finished with a time of 1:00.58.

Muslic advanced in the 50 meter freestyle and finished with a final time of 25.70.

Varsity girls as a whole finished the season 5-2. Despite a loss to Piedmont Hills, the girls were successful at the Lincoln meet, finishing with a score of 92-88.

Junior varsity boys finished the season 6-1 and third in league. JV boys had a great meet against Live Oak when they won with a score of 131-12.

Last swim season there weren’t enough boys for a junior varsity team, but this year they have worked very hard.

Sophomore Gabe Burrows said, “We had a bigger team this year, and we improved as a whole and individually.”

Varsity boys finished the season 5-2 and third in league. Varsity boys had a very close meet this season at Lincoln where they only won 87-83. Luckily, at this meet sophomore Sasha Mariniuk pulled ahead a full lap (25 meters) in the 200 meter individual medley.

Branham’s swim team has seen great improvements since last year and hopes to continue improving in the future.