New gold coach leads to record of 12-1


Ty Shikashio, Managing Editor

Branham golf finished their dominant season with an overall record of 12-1 and a regular (undefeated) season record of 10-0. The Bruins pummeled their competition this year, even clinching the BVAL league title just six games into the regular season.

A new coach this year helped guide Branham to success. Coach Garrett Benjamin, who also teaches AP Biology at Branham, is pleased with his team’s performance this year. “I enjoyed seeing every athlete play to their greatest potential throughout the season,” he said. “Each golfer PR’d throughout league, and there was a lot of commitment by each of the players.” Coach Benjamin also added that the team’s success can be attributed to the overall focus at the task at hand and “worrying more about the process than the product.”

Junior Nick Majors was a driving force who helped his team breeze through the Blossom Valley League. He enjoyed the success his team had this past season, and said, “As a team, we were more focused at practice compared to years prior.” Next year is going to be much more difficult as the team will then be in A league; however, Nick is still excited to play. “Even though we will be losing two seniors, it will still be fun playing a great sport.”

Some highlights of the season include a 212-309 win vs. Live Oak and a 213-278 win vs. Westmont. Junior Craig Elliott attributes Branham’s consistency to the practice they put in each day. “The difference between this year and last year was the amount of practice time we put in,” he said. “Treating each practice like it was a match, playing realistic shots on the range, and playing a lot of practice rounds definitely helped us stay consistent this year.”