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Internships, work experience prepares students

Grace Clinton, Sports Editor

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As colleges become more competitive and the need to stand out among applicants increases, students are looking for more professional extracurriculars such as internships and jobs.

Students have different motives for taking part in such positions, ranging everywhere from earning money for college, meeting new people, getting more experience in a field of interest, or simply doing it because they love it. A number of students at Branham fall under this category, and take part in either a job, internship or work experience programs outside of school.

One common work experience program that many Branham students partake in is the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE).

Junior Esperanza Herrera Rivera participated in SVCTE this year because she “wanted to do something more professional.” Esperanza originally wanted to enroll in the law program, but there was a struggle to find an adequate teacher, so she participated in the dental program. She is now a few exams away from becoming a certified dental assistant. She also took home a silver medal at the state level of the SkillsUSA competition, a competition that SVCTE students can compete in to demonstrate their knowledge in their field of expertise.

Esperanza said one of the perks of the program was that it was completely free. After a first semester of SVCTE, Esperanza is now enrolled in an internship at Jamah Dental, where she practices on patients. Esperanza explained that she now has “learned the meaning of professionalism” and understands what it means to have integrity in the workplace.

Next school year, Esperanza will participate in the work experience class rather than SVCTE.

The work experience course for seniors, taught by Mrs. Mary Anne Neil, “combines supervised part time employment with academic and skill preparation in the classroom.” Students learn how to interview, file for taxes, and report unsafe working conditions.

Through SVCTE and the work experience class, Branham students have many opportunities to stray from traditional schooling if they prefer.

In addition, many students at Branham take on actual paying jobs in the community.

For instance, junior Matthew Garcia works at Target. He applied for the job “because [he] wanted money and some work experience.”

Having five or six classes to keep up with can be tiring at times, so to add on an internship or job to that is still quite admirable.

Having jobs and internships in high school is very wise as it can help students ease the financial burden of college, find clarity in what they want to pursue in life, and help students acquire skills for fields of interest.

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Internships, work experience prepares students