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Dedication to trifecta of band, choir and drama makes Savidu a tough act to follow

Jeff Janosik

Jeff Janosik

Sydney Uyeda, Entertainment Editor

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To say that junior Savidu Geevaratne’s daily routine is planned to the minute is possibly an understatement.

Here was a typical day this spring: Savidu wakes up each day at 6:30 a.m., gets ready and walks to school with a friend. He takes four AP courses (Calculus BC, Biology, U.S. History and Language) and two music classes (Madrigals and Band). After school, he attends the hour-long jazz band rehearsals. Then, he rushes to “The Addams Family” rehearsal, where he plays Gomez, the Spanish patriarch of odd New York family. He rehearses until about 9 p.m., where he works on homework until he falls asleep sometime between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Savidu has participated in musical theater and drama since fourth grade. His mom pushed him to do it and ever since, he has been hooked.

“I’ve always been someone who was interested in theatre arts and stuff,” he said. “But my mom was the one who pushed me into doing musical theatre in a more legitimate fashion.”

Savidu used to do Children’s Musical Theatre (CMT) until he started high school.

He has been in multiple Branham productions since his freshman year, including “The Red Curtain Rises,” “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” “High School Musical,” and “The Addams Family.” More than likely, if you’ve been to a Branham production, you’ve seen Savidu in it.

When asked what his favorite memory from a Branham production was, his eyes widened as he said, “I can only pick one?!” He then went on to explain how the key component for him was the cast. Savidu explained how his freshman year he had a lot of seniors in the “Edwin Drood” and “Red Curtain Rises” casts, and that “it was nice to be able to watch and learn from them.”

He also told the story of the time that he, junior Caroline Ware, and senior Kristen Williams stayed until almost eleven o’clock at night one time to perfect a dance number for “Addams Family.” Another favorite of his was when he, Kristen, and senior Brianna Citrigno wrote up all the cues for the “Addams Family” until about one in the morning. He laughed and said “We worked at a combination between a restaurant and Kirsten’s house until one in the morning…..we were all kinds of delirious but it was still a fun time.”

Not only does Savidu do musical theatre and drama, he is also in band and Madrigals. He has band second period and Madrigals fifth period, giving him two music classes in the middle of every school day.

He began playing the piano when he was in kindergarten, and he continued to play up until middle school. “I was deciding what instrument to play in middle school and whether or not to continue doing piano with flute. [Continuing piano] and musical theatre inside and outside of school plus band was going to be a lot so I made the decision to drop piano and start the flute and have been doing that ever since,” he said.

Even though he dropped piano back in the beginning of his middle school years, he has still honed some skills and can still play. Not only can he still play piano after all these years, he also plays the ukulele in his spare time.

With all of his crazy school activities, Savidu still manages to keep time for his friends. Whether it’s hanging out in the band room rehearsing, rehearsing for a show, or simply eating lunch, he manages his time so he can hang out. Junior Emma Tucker says the one thing she likes most about Savidu is “his dedication to everything he does, and how much he cares about his friends.” She also described him as “charismatic” and “hard-working.” Junior Claire Carter described him as “talented” and “altruistic.” Her favorite thing about Savidu is that “he has this unique ability to make people feel cared about and wanted. He always manages to make time for you even if he doesn’t really have time to give.”  

With band, theatre, musical theatre, school, homework, sleep, and socializing a question comes to mind: how does Savidu do it? How does he manage to balance everything he has going on on his plate? Savidu says that a lot of it is the want. “If you want to do it and you push yourself hard, you can do it but I think there is a limit to what you are capable of doing.” He continued with, “For me, during ‘hell week’ (the week before and of a show) my grades slip a little bit but I’ve been working really hard to get them back up….talking to your teachers is really important too.”

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