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Useful summer

Academics and structure best utilize break

Sai Tummala, Staff Writer

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How do you plan on spending the 10 weeks of pure bliss and homework-less nights? Many choose to relax and soak up the sunshine as they enjoy the warm weather after strenuous months of school.

With many students hounded by standardized tests such as the new state tests, the SAT and ACT, AP exams and sports, it is natural to take a few weeks to relax before returning to school in August. Many students are bolster their high school experience with summer jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and even summer classes.

Students work to money, volunteer in community or acquiring more knowledge to help them in the following year. While this does provide functional support as you aren’t idle-minded and are actually productively preoccupied, it is tough to convert to an alternative lifestyle from the relaxing bliss you had experienced before.

Students who can afford expensive SAT or ACT prep courses have a significant advantage, making it tough for students who come from low-income families
Local community colleges provide free courses for high school students. Branham counselors have have prepared a list of summer opportunities for students including paying/non-paying internships, and free or paid seminars.

A summer only relaxing without something to keep your mind busy would heavily debilitate your following year.

All you have to do is to seek out courses, jobs, or internships that would match your interests as well as your financial status.

But of course before you apply to anything, make sure you meet age requirements, check the organization’s background, and if you plan to work for payment and are under 18, pick up a work permit from the Student Service Center.

With so many possibilities to utilize this summer to hone your intellectual edges and even stack some cash, what will you do on your vacation?

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Useful summer