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Summer homework

Science and math homework holds benefits over summer

Adam Saleh, Science and Tech Editor

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Summer homework: always done the week before the end school starts. This sad truth makes me question the relevance of even having the assignments.

Yes, a refresher on calculus would be conducive to starting the year off right but what about the language arts summer reading or watered-down science projects we’ve become all too familiar with?

In my experience, teachers often collect the work with no later discussion, if it is collected at all. Some teachers are addressing the purpose of summer assignments.

Mr. Steven Turner’s AP Computer Science class asks that incoming students complete a series of project-based assignments to introduce them into coding and problem-solving concepts. The students also take a typing test to make sure that they can type faster than 50 words per minute (wpm). The effectiveness of that assignment lies in the actual building of skills rather than repetitive busywork.

Students are tired of applying skills that they are already familiar with for summer homework. We already know what the structure of an essay is like. It feels as if there is nothing gained from it. This is where the distinction in context comes in. In math and most science courses, the summer homework will usually involve some sort of conceptual enrichment along the lines of new equations or formulas. However, In language arts students are often tasked with weak, repetitive assignments that don’t necessarily teach the student anything they didn’t already know.

If I’m tasked with extra work over the summer I’d rather be learning concepts that are actually constructive to whatever classes I will be taking in that coming school year. Teachers have caught onto this concept, but they haven’t really taken action. History teacher Mr. Brett Johanson reminds his students that he doesn’t believe in summer homework, yet still assigns it for his incoming AP students.

The best reasoning for this logic is that summer homework is needed to provide students with background knowledge in order to hit the ground running will advanced course requirements regardless of if the student paces themselves on the work or waits till the last minute.

“If you’re taking advanced courses it’s helpful, and it gives you knowledge on what’s expected during the school year,” said sophomore Connor Ngo. He thinks summer assignments help students effectively communicate and learn valid college skills.

Junior Jessica Vo said summer homework is tedious.

“I value my summertime for other priorities over summer homework,” she said.

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Summer homework