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Playing around at the faculty musical

Courtesy Branham HS Twitter

Courtesy Branham HS Twitter

Courtesy Branham HS Twitter

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Courtesy Branham HS Twitter

The faculty musical version “High School Musical” ran from on April 13 to April 15. A group of former and current Bear Witness staffers caught the April 14 showing, and shared their thoughts of the annual performance.


Michaela Edlin, Staff Writer

The faculty musical was one of the most anticipated shows of this year at Branham, and it did not disappoint. Teachers and students displayed what talent they had and where talent lacked, teachers made their performance into a joke.

An audience favorite was Jack Scott (played with swagger and confidence by freshman Jack Swartz) who had several segments throughout the show as the announcer for East High School. The audience had tons of immediate feedback to this segment, which Jack used to break the fourth wall and make the play exponentially more entertaining by interacting with the audience.

The audience also enjoyed some shameless self-promotion during the show for the upcoming “Addams Family” musical. The cheap wigs, questionable execution of dance moves and awkward pauses were what the made the show. Mr. Vo’s high energy and Mr. Fernandez’s singing (with his accent) made the crowd laugh after every number. The musical was well deserving of each and every clap from the full house.


Grace Clinton, Sports Editor

The movie “High School Musical” resonates with many millennials, myself included, so it was definitely an appropriate choice for the faculty musical as many students are familiar with the general premise.

The show did not start on time, but for very good reason: it had sold out and seat accommodations had to be made. After this, the show began and everyone in the audience was in for a treat.

The roles were cast appropriately, as each teacher and staff member really seemed to embody their character. Mr. Vo played an energetic and “hip” Troy Bolton while Ms. Schweizer played a classy and stylish Gabriella Montez.

The costumes were very fitting (no pun intended) and Ms. Pimental’s bright blonde wig was impossible to miss. The content in the play was generally easy to follow along with which is good for those unfamiliar with the story. The music was catchy and the actors did a good job of showcasing both their dance moves and voices.

At times it was hard to hear what the actors were saying, and there were also times when the audio of the music overpowered the voices on stage. Still, you could tell the cast was having fun with it, and slightly bumpy moments yielded much laughter from the audience. The show was nothing short of a success and well worth the money. It did the story justice and reasonably embarrassed students’ favorite teachers. So props (no pun intended) to all that participated!


Sydney Uyeda, Arts Editor

I had high anticipation going into the faculty musical, as “High School Musical” was one of my favorite Disney Channel movies when I was a kid. Mr. Vo delivered a great rendition of Troy Bolton, being enthusiastic and having high energy throughout the show. Mrs. Schweizer was an absolute great choice for Gabriella, as she played the role perfectly and sang every song with feeling and emotion.

The two had a great chemistry, making it easy to love the pair together. The whole show was hilarious. From Mr. Vo forgetting some of the words to Mr. Smare’s dancing, the show gave the audience and myself a good laugh.

There were even some lines in the show that had the audience dying with laughter, such as when Gabriella called Troy “sexy.” The best part of the show had to be when Mr. Vo forgot the words to “Breaking Free” and made Mrs. Schweizer break character and start laughing on stage.

The Jack Scott parts of the show were funny, but for me I had to continue turning in my seat which made it hard to enjoy the shorts. Also a lot of the singing was covered up by the loud music, which was a bummer because we could not hear our favorite teachers sing. Especially in “Stick to the Status Quo,” you could barely hear the leads singing their parts. All in all, the faculty and students involved gave a great performance.

Spencer Clinton, freshman in college

The production of “High School Musical” put on by staff members of Branham High School was very well done, in a very unconventional way. Instead of maintaining rigid, in-character acting, there was lots of interaction between the cast and the audience. A particular favorite of mine was Jack Scott, the voice of East High. He repeatedly engaged the audience in conversation by breaking the fourth wall and managed to maintain the essence of his character by doing so. This production was executed well and resulted in an enjoyable evening of entertainment for the audience.

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Playing around at the faculty musical