Music Festival

Branham was well represented in the 45th CUHSD Music festival, with its band and choir programs participating in Tuesday’s event.

Because it has grown in prominence in recent years, the event takes place in the San Jose State Event Center, compared to its humble beginnings in the place in the Campbell High School Auditorium (now the Heritage Theater) and later revolving through school gyms in the district.

The festival has come a long way, said Branham’s choir teacher Barbara West.

“Our music programs are much larger,” she said.

The goal of the festival was  to bring “together all musicians in the Campbell Union High School District, giving every participant, no matter what their level, a chance to perform in this grand musical event.”

Because of the enormity of the undertaking of bringing together the music programs from five schools, rehearsals were split among different locations near San Jose State. The jazz band rehearsed at the Tabard Theater in San Pedro Square, while the orchestra rehearsed at Flames restaurant across the the campus. Percussion students met at Leigh. The choir practiced at the Music Building Concert Hall while the Symphonic Band occupied the cavernous Events Center.

Branham students had been looking forward to the event all year, as they got to work with renowned conductors from San Jose State, West Valley, Nevada and CSU East Bay.

Junior Sara Robertson, who is also in choir and will be attending the festival, said that, “The choir has been working really hard all year and [they] are all excited to perform.”