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Quick! Tap! Click! Ahh, you almost had it.

Yet again, you’ve probably failed to buy one of Supreme’s latest restocked items and if you really want to get your hands on it, the only option left is finding a reseller. But do you really want to spend a hundred dollars more than what you were going to spend?

Streetwear brands have been blowing up lately, especially the likes of Supreme, Palace, and Bape. Well-known companies like Adidas and Nike, which are popular for their athletic wear, have also hit the streets with new eclectic apparel and shoes.

People are like to buy these type of brands based off their cool looks, but the limited production makes it unaffordable and unreachable for most. Retailers like Tilly’s and Zumiez are selling more of the newest styles of long sleeve fleece shirts, ripped skinny jeans, joggers, “dad hats” etc., but the prices continue to stay high.

Not to worry though, there are other store alternatives out there that are selling these identical streetwear trends for much lower prices. One store is H&M. They have a huge variety of attire for the right price. For example, the all black Bape crewneck that is selling for 300$ can be substituted for an all black crew neck from H&M for only $15. The need to get a high branded sweater is unnecessary when you can buy the exact same thing at  H&M for a much more affordable price. Many of people are desperately trying to get their hands on a simple box logo Supreme tee or hoodie which sell out in seconds but to buy the resale price of $100-$200 is not worth the hassle. A small red logo on the front of your shirt or hoodie should not be worth more than your monthly phone bill. Retailers like Forever21 and Old Navy (yes that store that your mom used to buy you stuff) is a much better bargain. The trendy colors of classic white, black tan, olive green, and burgundy are all for sale at prices that start at $5.Old Navy also is selling cool bomber jackets in style for 30$. Another type of shirt that is very popular is the scallop tees that are selling for 30$ or more at stores like PacSun and Zumiez, but Forever21 and H&M are selling them for prices that start at only 8$ Junior, Jason Segura is very into fashion and he had some words to say about his favorite stores and opinions on streetwear, “I like to purchase clothing from stores like PacSun, H&M, and Forever21 but although they me be a bit pricey for the regular consumer, it has great quality products and a much cheaper alternative for the really pricey designer stuff like Bape, Supreme, etc.”

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