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Key Club, Marvel Club, Idol Club, SPARE: Clubs give students a way to share their interests and socialize with others, but what happens when a club is in danger of dying? What happens when member participation begins to trickle down to little or none? Likewise, new clubs with few members share their experience about jumping the gun and putting up posters before they were approved.

Idol Club posters could be seen in numerous classrooms across campus, but there was one problem: the club still had yet to be approved. Idol Club explores genres of music outside the western sphere of influence such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese pop.

“Our goal is to show people that there is more than just western music. We like to explore; it can be any songs that people are interested in.” Idol Club members said. While it was still being formed, Idol Club had very few members and were interested in informing people about their soon to be approved club. In order to get the word out, posters were set up all over campus.

“It was basically some miscommunications between us and Leadership. We wanted people to know that if they didn’t have anything to do, they could just come [to Idol Club] and hang out. Once we were told we couldn’t put up the posters, we took them down,” members said.

On the other hand, Key Club, a club based on community service and leadership skills, has been rumored to be “dying” or its members have slowly but surely stopped attending meetings. Many clubs will face phases of high and low popularity, Key Club being no exception.

“I have noticed a decline in people showing up for the weekly meetings. I think people haven’t been showing up as much because they also have other clubs they are committed to,” says Key Club member Miranda Bravo. The main issue is that the less and less people show up for meetings for their clubs, and of course the less members a club has, could mean that the club will cease to exist in future years.

“I just hope that the club continues on because it’s a great club that promotes helping others,” says Miranda who hopes Key club will be able to prosper on and gain popularity.

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Unapproved Clubs