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Branham’s 50th anniversary logo

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Branham High School is nearing its 50th anniversary next year, and to commemorate this, a new logo is to be searched for and implemented throughout next year.

As of now, Branham’s logo is, quite appropriately, a Bruin, in reference to the school’s mascot. Now, Branham’s 50th anniversary organizing committee, headed by assistant principal Rick Hayashi, is on the search for an updated logo.

After Branham’s rocky history, shutdown in 1990 and then the fight to reopen (which was achieved in 1999), a 50th anniversary is a huge deal and very impressive, therefore a logo for the occasion should be done justice.

Other schools in the area have been undergoing similar processes recently as well, including  Leigh High School and Leland High School.

Originally, the decision for what the logo should look like was to be brought to a vote by the teachers on the committee. However, this decision was soon replaced with the idea that any willing teacher, student, or parent should have input on the design.

Mr. Hayashi explained that the logo “belongs to the school” and that “[they] wanted parents and students to have input as well.” He said that the 50th anniversary logo is intended to really capture Branham’s “rich tradition and history.”

A survey was sent out about a week ago with several different logo design options for students and staff and parents to vote on one. Various teachers contributed to the design such as Lisa Pimental and Heather Cooper. As this design was mostly produced digitally, there was no input from the art classes and only a little from art teacher Tina Prates.

So far, 340 people have filled out the survey, and it is the committee’s hope that 700 people will fill it out. The logo is set to be launched in a number of ways. As of now, it is planned that the logo will be “presented at Casino Night,” according to Mr. Hayashi.

Additionally, the committee of staff is currently working on a variety of other ways to present and implement the logo at Branham. One idea is that Branham alumni will be involved in the presenting of the logo.

The committee is very excited about the logo and all that it represents for Branham. If you haven’t voted for a logo yet, then try and vote as soon as possible so you can be a part of such a special and significant symbol of Branham.

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Branham’s 50th anniversary logo