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What is Fascism?

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The word “fascist” has often been used to describe President Donald Trump and his supporters since the beginning of his campaign.

Fascism is recognized as a form of government that maintains strict control over government institutions and state citizens championing nationalism and often racial purity above everything else. It is most closely associated with Nazi Party in Germany that came to power after World War I.

Many people think that it’s okay to compare Trump and Hitler, but it’s very disrespectful. Just because they have different views politically does not make it right to call them Nazis.

After the Germans lost WWI, they had several economic crisis. The Nazis encouraged Germans to take extreme nationalistic pride in their country and blamed most of Germany’s issues on the Jewish citizens, also influencing anti-Semitic and xenophobic views. For them, it was the only source of nationalism and pride, despite the embarrassing losses of the past.

Hitler mobilized his soldiers i physically taking control of the government. Hitler went from chancellor to Dictator of Germany. His policies precipitated World War II and the Holocaust.

Which led to the genocide 11 million people which included Jews, mentally disabled, and any other group who didn’t share the same objectives were tortured and murder.

Which is almost as much as the population of the Bay Area. Please imagine that. You, your family, and your friends, gone just because you do not share the same ideology or look the same! What in Donald Trump’s plan for the United States says anything about genocide?

Many people who have compared Trump to Hitler support themselves by stating that how Trump rose to power perfectly mirrors Hitler’s rise. A historian named Timothy Snyder wrote an article called “Him: His election that November came as a surprise.” One part states, “They had roared at his rallies and echoed his slogans…he was good at convincing his followers that he was a revolutionary…” Obviously, this can be any political leader. Somehow this counts as supporting details that Trump is Hitler. Yes, it is true that at Trump’s rallies, people cheered his slogans, but that is like any other rally. Snyder also mentions how both of them lost the popular vote, “The left received 1 million more votes than his party. But due to the vagaries of the electoral system, he was called upon to form a government.” It is fact, Trump did lose the popular vote like Hitler did to about a million people. But George W. Bush lost the popular vote and won the electoral, as well as 3 other former presidents. Not only did he blame them, he conveyed them as monsters and aliens. Then, threw them in camps where they suffered, starved, and were murdered.

On the other hand, Donald Trump doesn’t blame a specific group for the United States’ issues, he points the finger in many places. For example, he says that illegal immigrants pose as a threat to our country’s security and blames the Obama administration several times for the economy’s conditions. When Trump talks immigration, it gets a lot of media coverage and backlash. But all must understand Trump wants to prevent illegal immigrants entering the country illegally by building a wall, not placing them in concentration camps. Big difference.

Not only is comparing Trump to Hitler disrespectful to millions of Americans, it is certainly disrespectful to the Holocaust families.

Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia, said that comparisons of Trump to Hitler belittles the Holocaust, “It bears repeating again that these types of historically inaccurate comparisons diminish the profound tragedy of the Holocaust and are deeply offensive to the victims, to survivors and to their families,” he said. Adding, “Such ignorant posts only fuel the gross trivialization of the Holocaust.”

Yes, I understand Donald Trump is not the nicest person or running the country the way you want it to be. And no, I am not fan of Trump. Trump supporter or not, subjects like this shouldn’t be handled with levity. Please remember we have the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. If they are, the people have the power. Trump works for us. Trump is not Hitler nor will he turn into him. The day we lose faith in our system, is the day we lose it.

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What is Fascism?