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California has been engaged in a back-and-forth discussion on a new proposition called “Calexit.”

The California Independence Campaign, known to most as Calexit, is a proposition in which California leaves the United States and becomes its own independent nation. The official California Independence Campaign website  states that California has not influenced a presidential election since 1876. “ Election results”, the group said, “are often decided before our ballots are even counted.”

The website also gives eight other reasons why Californians should vote for the exit, citing education, immigration, peace and security among the issues.

Californians should not vote to leave the United States in 2019. Yes we are in a difficult time right position, with the new president not living up to the true job, but when looking at this big decision, the cons are outweighing the pros.

First off, leaving the United States would put us back into 1860 before the Civil War. The country is divided over President Donald Trump, so having this Calexit could potentially start another civil war. Irrational? Yes. Could it happen? Absolutely. Do we really want to place ourselves in a position to have to fight another war? Do we have the weapons and the men and the money?

As a sovereign nation, California could govern itself nicely. It has the world’s sixth largest economy, and a robust population. However, it is highly unlikely that a state can secede from a country and be able to run itself perfectly fine as soon as it leaves.

Take the South for example. They did not agree with the North’s ideals so they seceded. This then led to the Civil War, in which millions of people died and the country was a disaster. I don’t think we want to go through that again.

Not only that, but Donald Trump’s presidency will be at the four year mark in 2020, and he could potentially be voted out of office. With the Calexit vote taking place in 2019, it seems too little too late to have this vote so close to the 2020 election.

My brother, freshman Turner Uyeda, who I think  has the markings to be a charismatic authoritarian leader, thinks that Calexit is completely pointless.

“The U.S is like a game of Jenga,” he philosophized. “If you take out too many pieces, it will fall apart.”

The Calexit may seem to be able to solve the problems going on right now, but in reality, it all just comes down to being irrational and too dangerous to our state to leave the United States.

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