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Dated Sadie’s dance still fun

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For the first time since 2014, our school will host a Sadie Hawkins dance. Although the dance may be good news to some, to others it is a burden. With changing gender and social norms, do we really need a Sadie’s dance?

A little history. A Sadie’s dance takes place after girls are encouraged ask guys to the dance. It can be traced back to cartoonist Al Capp published a cartoon in 1937 in which a girl named Sadie  Hawkins would chase a boy until he was caught, and they were to be married. This absurd concept eventually evolved into a dance.

Giving girls the chance to ask a boy for Sadie’s  seems sweet. However, in a culture where girls are asking boys to prom, homecoming and other social events, having Sadie’s seems outdated.

And why did Leadership decide that this year was the year they bring it back after it being dormant all those years?

“A lot of people already wanted to bring Sadie’s back,” said junior Mac Francini, a Leadership student.

Others disagree with the sentiment.

“I don’t think that it is a necessity … but I do think that it’s really cool that we are having it this year,” said sophomore Kirstin DeMarquez.

Others are conflicted and can understand the purpose of the dance.

“Sadie’s is not needed in our generation because any gender can ask the other to any  dance,” she said, “However, I do think the idea of Sadie’s is exciting and fun since typically more guys ask girls to dances.”

Our generation has come a long way from the old-fashioned gender norms, which makes Sadie’s unnecessary. However, Branham students should go have some fun with their friends or dates Feb. 10th! Don’t forget your lei!

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Dated Sadie’s dance still fun