Arts programs see expansion for 17-18 year

Branham plans to offer three new courses for the 2017-18 school year to compensate for a growing student population and changing interests.

Linda Goytia, the Campbell Union High School District board president, said that courses are often added to accommodate “student interest and demand.”

If students want a course offered at Branham, they should consult a teacher or administrator so the teacher may make a proposal. This proposal may later be approved by the board and added to the master schedule.

Branham plans to offer a Multi-variable calculus class in the future with a middle college professor for students who finish Calculus BC during their junior year. There is also interest in adding business classes similar to Project Lead the Way in addition to more coding courses, considering we are in the Silicon Valley.

Visual and performance art categories are greatly expanding with Musical Theater, Inter- mediate Dance, Acappella singing, and Wind Ensemble classes being offered next year. Intermediate Dance: Eileen Bertron, Branham’s dance teacher, said that the Intermediate Dance class was added because “we have a beginning dance class and an advanced dance class and there was nothing in between.”

She said she believes that the class will fill out a gap that has been keeping students from signing up for a dance class, but who want to perform at a level between beginning and advanced.

Bertron said that those taking intermediate dance can look forward to “building on technique … and choreography that gets a little bit harder.” Those taking the class will also be able to perform in he spring dance show to display the talents they have been focusing on developing.

Wind Ensemble: Similar to the intermediate dance class, Wind Ensemble fills a gap within the classes already offered. The music classes currently offered include: Concert Band, Guitar 1 and 2, Jazz Ensemble and Marching Band. Wind Ensemble is the school’s most advanced band, after Concert and Symphonic Band. Acappella: The acappella class is a unique addition that interests Branham’s vice principal, Justin Ponzio. Acappella is singing not accompanied by instruments. In the past few years, movies like “Pitch Perfect” and music groups such as Pentatonix have popularized this form of singing that will soon be offered at Branham.