On Jan. 20, President Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States after a divisive election. A day later, large groups of demonstrators in major cities in every state and  round the world voiced their concerns in the global event known as the Women’s March. “Sister marches” were the solidarity events inspired by the original Women’s March on Washington. In  an Jose’s sister march, 25,000 people marched from City Hall to Cesar Chavez Plaza. Many protesters wore pink “pussy” hats in reference to a crude comment made by Mr. Trump off-camera  about women. The demonstrators sought to rebuke Mr. Trump’s plans to act against their interests, including reproductive rights, racial inequality, and equal pay. Several students and teachers at Branham attended the event. Special education teacher Leanne Haghighi was at the protest and said that participants at the San Jose march support- ed a variety of issues. Senior Victoria  Boxall  as fired up after the rally as well. “The atmosphere of the march was very inspiring,” she said “Usually I get anxious in big crowds but this was different, I felt very safe around everyone. We were  ll there for the same reasons.”