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  Christmas is too commercialized, but we just cannot help it.

  In our generation, the anticipation of the holiday season is highly concentrated on gift-buying. We are always trying to see what videogames are releasing in time for Christmas or occupying our time with making lists for Santa.

  The holidays provide an opportunity for businesses to increase sales and make extensive profit. Businesses put advertisements out as quickly as possible in order to keep up with the competition, which is why Christmas trees are being sold in the middle of October. Business booms as customers are interested in stocking up and finding the best deals; you might not need 10 sweaters but hey, it’s “Buy One, Get One Free!”

  “I think humans are just too focused on materialistic things, something that has become institutionalized as money becomes more and more important today,” said senior Elden Li.

  This year, billions of dollars were spent during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you were to compare the amount of families at a mall in December to March, you would see a significant downfall in attendance in March.

  The reason is that people usually are be able to find the time to shop, but the holiday season practically forces them to wait in line for hours.

  We should be getting into the true holiday spirit: that warm feeling you get when you drive by neighborhoods that already have their Christmas lights up. The feeling that makes you want to rush home and spruce up your own shingles. Along with the joy that comes with the scent of peppermint and Douglas fir trees.

  Regardless of religious affiliation, the holidays are the time of the year for everyone to cherish time with your loved ones and reflect on all the memories you have made throughout the year.

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