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South Korea

South Korean president impeached

  Geun-hye Park, South Korea’s first female president, accused of longstanding corruption, was impeached Friday following the largest protests in the country’s history. She is not out of the office yet: the Constitutional Court will have six months to decide whether the charges she faces are enough for her to step down.


Starve, get bombed, or surrender

  The ongoing Syrian Civil War shows no signs of stopping. Stephen O’Brien, the U.N.’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, has informed the U.N. Security Council that the number of Syrians under siege has increased from 486,700 six months ago to 974,080 by the end of November.

United Kingdom

Brexit decreases U.K Household Wealth

  According to CNN, the U.K. household wealth has decreased by $1.5 trillion due to the Brexit and its impact on the country’s currency. The pound has lost 15% of its value. The 1.5 trillion loss translates to a 10% reduction of household wealth. The term “household wealth” includes financial investments and “assets like housing.”

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