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Are seniors prepared for college?

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By Iz Munoz
Staff Writer

It is senior year for me and many others. I am constantly questioning which college I want to choose whether or not it’s reasonable for me to apply to such high ranked universities.

This question is very difficult for me to answer since I haven’t been truly interested in a specific career or interested in a school that has a great program of my liking. I am going to be the second of my family to graduate High School so I do feel a lot of pressure when it comes to making a big decision like choosing a college.

Luckily, Branham offers a variety of AP College courses that in my opinion, are helpful and also very challenging as well. But that is the point, they are helping students by preparing them for college courses in the future.

I recently ran a poll on Twitter asking students if AP Courses are beneficial to them, 38% said no and 62% said yes. The responses resulted in a positive outcome. I wanted to get more opinions of other students taking these college classes so I interviewed Branham senior, Tyler Pesavento, asking him about his opinion on the AP classes he is taking, he said “Many of the AP classes I have taken are really difficult due to the huge amounts of workloads and challenging tests.”

Although many of the classes are hard, passing the AP exam will benefit students in college because you will not have to take certain GE’s.

It seems to me that many of the students are taking these classes so that they don’t have to do their GE’s in college and be more focused on what they want to major in. AP classes can be challenging but they are helping students become more organized and think more critically.

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Are seniors prepared for college?