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Students don’t use advisory

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Laura Heffernan/Bear Witness In a poll of 50 students, 2 said that they felt that advisory was useful to them.


By Laura Heffernan
Staff Writer
What is the point of having advisory? Since the beginning of the school year, students have been debating about the usefulness of Advisory. Many students feel they’d be more productive elsewhere. Madame Garceau says that even though advisory can be useful, students need more time to work in Tutorial.

Often while sitting in advisory, students can be seen working on homework and hiding it from the teacher so they won’t be told to put it away, This would be when having tutorial instead would be very useful. In reality, the student hiding the homework is being more productive than the teacher handing out bingo boards to play an icebreaker game.

Madame Garceau says “There was a curriculum we’re supposed to follow so I tried my best to do that…” Even though there’s a set curriculum, many of the activities are repetitive.


Sophomore, Emma McCarthy, who prefers tutorial on Mondays, says “I don’t see much of a point [of advisory] I don’t like it at all…if we went to the teacher we want and they give us all the things they would normally give us in advisory we would be getting the same information and the help we need all at the same place.”

In contrast, Ms. Cheryl Lawton thinks Advisory has great potential. Ms. Lawton says that if done properly, it prepares students for the future since these skills aren’t taught in regular curriculum.
Students usually don’t realize the goal of the given worksheets. There isn’t a point if nobody realizes the meaning of handouts and just throw them away. After filling out a worksheet in her advisory class, Freshman, Laura Rydquist says that she didn’t gain anything from filling it out since she didn’t know what the worksheet was for.
Many times in advisory students can be heard making comments like, “Why are we here?” or “What’s the point of this?” Non-commital answers given by teachers seem to be the same (which would be to get to know each other). However, after a few weeks students already know each other much better than they did at the beginning, which renders all these activities useless. Many students want advisory to at least be optional. Ms. Lawton responded to this by saying that although students don’t “see the value in the program,” a team is improving the program.
Based on the advisory system Branham has right now, it would be a better use of time to replace it with tutorial so students can get the help they need.

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Students don’t use advisory