New tennis team faces troubling season


Omar Ababneh, Staff Writer

Branham High School’s tennis team just recently ended their season after somewhat of a troubling season. The tennis team ended the season with a  5-9 (L-W) record. The team lost their previous coach Nirmit Shetty and had a struggle finding a new coach, causing the season to start a little late. This gave a disadvantage to a lot of the players. “It takes about 6 months to embrace a change, and we didn’t have that time. We didn’t have the time and comfort we needed. Guys only had a week before stepping on the court, so it threw the team behind,” said Coach Brett Foreman, the current tennis coach. Another problem Branham faced was the number of experienced players there were. Branham rostered around 30 players, and only 15-20% were actually experienced players. Yet the boys managed to pull a decent season for the numbers they had. In their first match against Evergreen, Branham lost 7-0, but actually ended up winning by default because one of Evergreen’s players was ineligible. Branham then lost both of their next games against Leland and Piedmont. In their fourth game against Silver Creek, Branham again won by default because one of Silver Creek’s players was ineligible. Branham then lost to Westmont 2-5. Branham got its first actual win against Willow Glen, beating them 7-1. Branham then went on to lose their next five games against Prospect, Evergreen, Leland, Prospect and Piedmont. Branham then managed to win against Silver Creek, beating them 6-1. Branham then lost to Westmont 3-4, but eventually ended the season strong, beating Willow Glen again 7-1.

The coach and players are putting the past season behind and looking forward. Coach Brett is already planning to utilize the next season to the maximum and hopefully come out with better results. “Ultimately, what I would like to do differently is to have a better plan as far as setting up more fundraisers. I would like to have some luxury; other sports get a lot more funding. Other programs are considered top sports, [and] tennis isn’t one of them. I also want to set up more practices and for the boys to improve.” The Branham tennis season is working hard to make sure their next season ends on a much better note.