Track team to CCS


Adam Saleh, Science and Tech Editor

Branham High School track and field has had a productive year with a flawless season record for the girls varsity 4x100m relay team and league highs coming out of standout athletes from  the girls and boys short sprinting team, girls vertical jumping team, and boys horizontal jumping team. Early into the season, pole vaulters Eseta Finau and Marisol Corton attended the Reno Pole Vaulting Summit to sharpen their skills and set PRs going into the track season. Short sprints runner Maya Cook and middle distance runner Jasmyne Umpierre also came into the season fresh out of Coach Greg Marshall’s own indoor track and field team that practices in the fall and winter.  

Branham’s track team also yielded high performing freshman, with Evan Franco producing sub 5 minute mile times, and pole vaulters Phoebe Roach and Drew Gilbert pushing the heights of 9’6” and 9’10” respectively.

Pushing through league finals, the girls sprinting, long distance and jumping teams continued to a well-deserved third place in CCS finals with Cook leading the pack, winning first place in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dash with a time of 12.16 seconds and 24.73 seconds respectively.

When asked about her season Cook said, “I did really well this season and I accomplished the goals I set in the beginning of the year. I feel like my coach has more confidence in me than I did in myself and I’m glad I had him as a coach to finish off my high school career.”

Long distance runner Sarah MacGregor and vaulters Finau and Corton also performed well during the finals, with MacGregor’s mile run clocking in at a blazing 5:22 and vaults of eleven feet for both Finau and Corton.

Branham track and field had an explosive season, and there is excitement already building in the team for next year’s season.