District vows to protect undocumented families

President Trump issued the banned movement of people from seven middle-eastern nations and also banned Syrian refugees indefinitely on Jan. 27. But after heavy unified protests, the travel ban was lifted after many were detained for up to 23 hours. As of March 6, the travel ban was revised with Syrian refugees having a 120-day ban rather than an indefinite hold, and a 90-day ban on those applying for visas from Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan.

The biggest change, however, will be the United States’s number of accepted refugees. Trump’s administration will only accept 50,000 refugees year; Obama’s administration accepted 110,000.

Branham High School perseveres to be an accepting environment for students and their families being affected by the new travel ban. To combat families’ fears of being affected by the executive order, the CUHSD Board of Trustees has instated resolution 17-2601. This resolution began on March 3 and protects students from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) while in school.

The idea behind this, according to CUHSD, is to encourage student presence in school without fear from U.S. ICE raids. Additionally, all schools within the district can’t give information about individuals and their immigrant status to prevent discrimination to the best of their abilities: “ICE activities in and around schools would cause barriers to educational attainment and create a climate of fear and anxiety, affecting all students, regardless of immigration status,” stated the Board.

Native-born Shaya Zarkub said, “I had left to Iran a year prior to this happening, and if I had left this year, I wouldn’t have been able to come back to my home for a month or so.” To put this in perspective, not only immigrants are affected, but native-born U.S. citizens would not have access to their home, as a result of the ban. Many members within our own community travel outside of the country to visit family and friends who do not reside in the U.S., meaning they could easily be stopped from returning to the States if they travel anytime soon. We, as fellow Bruins, need to be aware of the many new changes the Trump administration will be implementing over the next four years, and protect our community from discrimination and injustice.