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Outdated Branham buildings a safety issue

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Opened in 1967, Branham High School has prospered over the past 50 years. With thriving academic and athletic programs, it is one of the best public schools in the Bay Area. But this past month, the Bear Witness noticed a concerning facet of Branham High School: structural integrity.

Whether it be the skylight in room 7 or the hallway ceilings, it seems as though Branham is falling apart. For a school located in a city known for its modern technology and innovation, we are lacking both. The hallway ceiling is one of our main concerns.

With the recent heavy rainfall, water has infiltrated the hallway overhangs, slowly degrading what was once solid. Just looking at the damage from the surface, one can tell there is obvious damage done to the roof. The ceiling paint is peeling, the holes are gaping, and bins are put into place beneath the damaged areas to catch the excess rain water. An old school will intrinsically experience a few structural breakdowns, but right now, safety is a large concern of ours. Even though it doesn’t rain here often, our campus needs to be able to withstand light and heavy rains.

On Jan. 12, the room 7 skylight – luckily made of plastic – collapsed on top of a student, underscoring the need that a solid infrastructure promotes campus safety. Moreover, the weight room has seen significant damage. Located  in a portable, the weight room floor consists of plywood overlaid by rubber flooring. After years of deadlifts, cleans, and dropping plates onto the floor, the plywood has started to chip away, creating soft spots in the floor that are very suspect.

Branham is already taking steps towards restoring structural integrity by resurfacing the pool and installing new lights in the gym and cafeteria.

Overall, we do a great job of protecting students and ensuring their security. With the AA infrastructure bond backing us, funding will be accessible. We can rest assured that Branham is doing its best to combat these problems, and action is being taken to resolve them.

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The Student News Site of Branham High School
Outdated Branham buildings a safety issue