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Printed vs Electronic Assignments: Differing opinions on ease of use

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Every student at Branham High School has had to, or will have to, turn in an assignment that they typed up on the computer. Sometimes it’s four pages; other times it can be up to 20. When it
comes time to turn things in, students either submit electronically or physically. However, physical copies are easier for teachers to grade and make comments. With these points in mind, the question then becomes: should students be printing out their homework? Especially when we live in an age of advanced technology that could easily prevent trees from being killed?

Most teachers accept emailed work from students. Some teachers will even print it out for the students in class if students email beforehand. Others, like AP U.S History/U.S History teacher Mr. Brett Johanson, find it a bit of a hassle. “Printed out is easier, but I do understand the need to move to emailed homework…” he says, “some students don’t even have a printer at home, not because of economic issues, but just because it is not needed.” Emailing work can make things easy, but with students using different platforms to turn in work, it also makes it difficult for teachers to be organized with all of the assignments spread out electronically. It’s hard to keep track of who turns in work and which platform was used for submission.

As brought up by Mr. Johanson, it is true that some students cannot afford a printer or to buy ink, therefore would rather submit via Internet. Printers can range from $68 to $399. One ink cartridge from Staples for a HP Printer can cost from $20 to $300. So the ink is expensive, why not use the library or talk to your teachers? This is a good point but a student cannot always rely on
someone else, as the homework is the student’s responsibility. The library might not be open, and some documents are only accessible via personal devices. These inconveniences make things even harder, and sometimes forces students to ask for extensions.

Teachers shouldn’t have to do everything in their power to make a change because it is ultimately up to students to manage their coursework, but they should definitely try to utilize Google Classroom, which allows users to create documents accessible from any virtual device which can also be submitted through another Google app, Google Classroom. And for those who aren’t as tech savy, there are step by step guides you can look up online. This way, students can turn all their work into one place without worrying about printing, teachers will be able to keep students’ submissions organized, and we as a Branham community will be saving trees and helping the environment.

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Printed vs Electronic Assignments: Differing opinions on ease of use