Hunter Saves Himself From Snake Bite


Hunter Chad Cross today owes his life to a combination of his own ingenuity and a $10 emergency kit purchased entirely on a whim, as the hunter was able to employ both in treating injuries sustained to his person after coming in contact with a venomous pit viper rattlesnake.

While Turkey hunting in a remote area of forest, Cross was envenomated by the reptile on the lower left calf, and experience which the Alabama resident would later liken to, “someone taking a full swing with a baseball bat and hitting me in my calf.” Not allowing panic to override rational thought, Cross took deliberate action to slow his heart rate, thereby slowing the spread of venom through his blood stream, before proceeding to make use of a “bite and sting kit” which he had purchased at an earlier date in anticipation of just such an emergency. Using the devices found within the kit, Cross was able to extract the majority of the venom from his calf, before proceeding to return to his truck and drive to the nearest medical facility, where he would receive further treatment. Physicians involved in Cross’s treatment would later comment that, had he not taken the measures to remove the venom from his own leg while still in the woods, Cross would likely have died of organ failure long before he was able to reach the hospital.