Real Life Mermaid


After having worked for three years as a residence director for Emerson College, Linden Wolbert was somehow not satisfied with her life. Apparently, she would sit at her desk and daydream all day about, “being in the water and among the fish”. Her bachelor’s degree in film and science as well as her goal of becoming an underwater wildlife documentary filmmaker were not enough for Wolbert; she followed her dream of becoming a mermaid. Special effects artist Allan Holt constructed the first of her now three mermaid tails, which took seven months to make, weighs 35 pounds, cost approximately $15,000 and “is the most sparkling, blingtastic, covered in gems and rhinestones tail” either of them has ever seen.

Besides practicing her deep-sea diving and enjoying leisure activities with her tail, Wolbert manages to use it to make a living. She performs mermaid-style at children’s parties, fundraisers and charities, as well as produces an educational web series called “The Mermaid Minute” in which she informs kids about the ocean. “I am a geeky science mermaid,” she told Yahoo! Shine.