Carnival Cruise Ship Stalls In the Gulf of Mexico

Carnival Cruise Ship Stalls


A luxury cruise ship operating under the Carnival fleet of cruise liners, and known as the Triumph, was stalled in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, February 10, four days after its departure from a port in the state of Texas. According to representatives of Carnival Cruise Lines, a fire broke out in the engine room Sunday morning at around 11 AM. Somehow, during the efforts of the automatic fire extinguishing systems and the ship’s technical crew to put out the blaze, the ship lost power, and was subsequently forced to rely upon an emergency generator. As a consequence of this power failure, the ship was immobilized, stranding passengers and crew alike at sea for a period of days, before ultimately being towed back to a Texan port by rescue personnel.

Of the 4,229 passengers, including both guests and crew, no injuries were reported. Conditions aboard the vessel, however, have been reported by passengers to range in quality from accommodating to abominable, with many passengers indicating that ship’s inability to power the air conditioning system necessitated that guests housed on the inner regions of the boat were forced to spend a significant portion of time on the open decks, so as to escape the sweltering temperatures of the ship’s interior. Other complaints stem from the ship’s lack of functional plumbing, which many passengers have stated forced them to deposit waste in the hallways of the ship’s interior. All passengers have subsequently been offered full refunds by Carnival.