Yearbook Awareness Week Competition Re-Cap


On Monday, January 14, the Branham High School Yearbook Staff kicked off its second annual Yearbook Awareness Week. This week was geared towards those students who had yet to purchase their yearbooks, and emphasized the importance of buying one, so as to preserve the memories made during the 2012-2013 school year. As part of the week-long event, a different challenge, each one a variant of a challenge featured on the popular reality television show Survivor, was staged each day at lunch within the quad. The team to place last during each day’s challenge was eliminated, and Friday featured an individual challenge in which the members of the last remaining team competed against one another for a grand prize.
Monday started off with Yearbook Staff Members Dillon Stanley and Sara Schiro encouraging students to participate and join one of the four teams: blue, purple, yellow and orange. With the help of Fellow Staff Member John Krepelka’s encouraging words, all of the slots were filled and the teams were made ready to compete.
The four teams competed in their first challenge on Tuesday. Two of the four members of each team were tasked with holding a board with two pies, while the other two members ate them. At the bottom of each pie tin was a number that the teams had to then match to a corresponding slip of paper on the back wall of the stage. After both members found their numbers, they ran to the finish line at the center of the quad. The orange team was the last team to finish, and was thus eliminated.
The three remaining teams returned Wednesday for the next challenge. They were required to construct boxes with a picture on one side in such a manner as to reveal the image of an everyday item, such as an apple or stapler. The participants were then required to run to a box located at the center of the quad in order to obtain the item depicted by their boxes. After a tense battle, the yellow team was last to finish, and was subsequently eliminated.
On Thursday, the final two teams returned for the penultimate challenge. Color-coded bags with letters in them were scattered around the quad, and three of the four members were blindfolded, with the last member being required to shout out directions to his or her teammates in order to lead them to their bags. Once all the bags were collected, the teams had to use the letters contained therein to decode a phrase that was relevant to the yearbook theme. The purple team was the first to finish with the phrase “jagged edges”. The blue team decided to continue the puzzle even though they had lost. Their phrase was revealed to be “bulletproof”.
Friday’s challenge was an individual challenge that involved spinning the contestants before making them balance yearbooks atop their heads while navigating an obstacle course across the quad. One member of the purple team did not compete, so the three remaining members competed in two rounds, one person being eliminated each round. After being eliminated, each contestant got to choose from a number of mystery bags, each of which contained a variety of gift cards.