Packers vs. 49ers Divisional Playoffs

By: Walter DavilaScreenshot2013-01-12at11.12.49PM_original

The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers faced off in the divisional round for a chance to move forward in the playoffs. The Packers came to play in Candlestick hoping for an upset win and momentum to go their way early, and it did after a Kaepernick interception for six on the his first drive.

It was a rough start for the young quarterback, but as the game progressed the 49ers run game was on point and opened up lanes for their young star. For a while, both teams were neck and neck, but things changed when Kaepernick burned linebacker Clay Matthews for a 56 rush for a TD.

From that point on, the Packers defense couldn’t keep up with the new and dangerous weapon Coach Jim Harbaugh has found in Kaepernick. The quarterback finished the day with an impressive 260 pass yards and rushed for a NFL record-setting 180 yards. When the day was done, Kaepernick had accumulted a total of 400 yards and 4 TD’s in his first playoff start. Even though the 49ers offense were putting up points, their defense was solid and held Aaron Rodgers to only 250 pass yards, 2 TDs, and one interception. Their defense set the tone for the whole game, and really proved that the 49ers are one of the dangerous teams in the NFL, if not the best.

The season isn’t over though. The 49ers travel to Atalanta to play the Falcons for a chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy, in a match set for this Sunday, January 20.