Lionel Messi is Soccer’s “Player of The Year” For the Fourth Time

BY BORONEIL EBRAHIMIMessi wins FIFA player of year for fourth consecutive time

For the fourth time in his career, 25-year-old Lionel Messi has won the FIFA Player of the Year Award, being selected over fellow players Andre Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi was declared the victor with a 41 percent plurality vote, enough to secure victory over his closest competitor, Ronaldo, who garnered only 23 percent of the total vote. When asked regarding his feelings about taking home the award for the fourth time, Messi responded by saying “To the tell the truth, this is really unbelievable to get the fourth award, I’ m so nervous.”

This season, Messi scored 91 goals, usurping the previous record of 85 goals, set in 1972 by Gerd Mueller, a feat which is said to have been a major factor in his being recognized for the fourth time in as many years. U.S Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and Team Captain Carlos Bocangera both voted for Messi, as did Soccer America’s Paul Kennedy.

“It’s incredible to win a fourth in a row, amazing,” Messi said. “I want to share this with my Barcelona teammates and my Argentina teammates.”  Though the only player in the history of the sport to win four of the awards, as well as the only player to win as many in consecutive years, Messi remains humble about his achievements, and shares much of the credit for his success with his teammates, stating, “I would like to recognize my other colleagues from Barcelona; Andres it has been great to train and play alongside you”, in an effort to shift focus onto Iniesta who came in third place in this year’s contest.

The four-time winner says he plans to continue to become a better player as time passes, and hopes to maintain such a level of performance as to again be worthy of winning the title of Player of The Year.