Branham Wishes upon the Stars

By Cassidi Lauck

On Thursday October 21 Branham students were asked to “Make a Wish” in their advisory class. They were asked to write down something that they really wanted. Many of the teachers told their class to make it realistic or within reach. Going on a date with Justin Beiber wasn’t exactly an option. Getting a taco or a burrito from a fast food establishment was a wish for some.

According to activities director Mr. Larry Lopez, the reason behind the Make a Wish activity is to help kids who seriously need the help. He said that when he came to Branham, Make a Wish was something he wanted to bring here. The idea came from a conference, that he went to about two years ago and the person presenting it said that they had had a Make a Wish rally. At the time he didn’t really know what it was but he decided that it would be a good thing for the school.

He and the students then took the idea and ran. Mr. Lopez said that the Leadership class eliminated the unrealistic wishes, like “I want a million dollars” or “I want to change my classes” and focused solely on the ones that dealt with heart-wrenching and heavy problems. Mr. Lopez said that at his previous school they got a new wig for a girl who suffered from disease where she lost her hair. At their Make a Wish rally they had her show off her new ‘do.

Leadership plans to get money to pay for the gifts through a teacher auction. The students can bid on a teacher, who will offer a service, such as bringing breakfast to the student for a week or giving extra time to work on an assignment. Teachers can offer whatever service they feel comfortable putting up for auction.

The Make a Wish rally will be sometime in December. Continue to tune in for updates on the status of this activity.