Homecoming Rally Rocks the Night

By Leslie Burnett and Dylan Hickey

On Thursday, October 13, students of BranhamHigh Schoolgathered for the annual Homecoming Night Rally. Students dressed in their class colors to show their school spirit. Senior Class President Matt Flores and Junior Class President Colby Yoshino, the two MCs of the night, were dressed to impress as they fired up the crowd.

Matt Flores was asked about his feelings and emotions going into the rally. “Colby and I wanted to make it the best we’ve ever seen here at Branham, so we made a pretty big entrance and we added a lot more stuff that people have never seen at Branham. I was really, really nervous before the rally, because I felt that I’d be letting the school down if it wasn’t good, so I gave it my best shot,” said Matt Flores.

The skits by the juniors and seniors were some of the most elaborate and well-performed of the night. The juniors, with their creative skit, came in second place to the seniors. The seniors’ skits were the most thought out and clever, which is why they won. Sophomores came in third and freshmen came in last.

This year the Homecoming Rally was a big deal, because we played Leigh at the Homecoming Football Game. It was very important to get everyone excited and energized for the game. During the rally, a portion of the time was dedicated to acknowledging the football players and to cheer them on for the upcoming game.

Sophomore Sabrina LaRosa enjoyed the rally. “I thought it was really fun. It was a nice way to spend time with your friends, and it did get you pumped for homecoming. My favorite part was when they showed all the baby pictures, because that was really cute!”

The results of the voting for Homecoming Princess and Prince for the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes were also announced during the rally. Brianna Fischer and Danny Do won for the juniors, while Eric Anchondo and Hayley Martinez won the crown for the sophomores. Newcomers Michelle Garcia and David Clark were crowned freshman prince and princess.

The names of the Homecoming Queen and King, Simone Snell and Scott Larson, were announced at the football game the next day