A quirky, morbid family gets the spotlight in “Addams Family” musical

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A family of eccentric aristocrats is the premise of “The Addams Family,” Branham’s newest musical running Thursday through Saturday.

The franchise originally started as a series of comics that satirically point out the flaws of 20th century family ideals, many of which have been published in he New Yorker from 1938-1988. The story of the family, known for its affinity for death and other morbid topics, has also been most famously adapted to television, film, video games, books and musicals.

In Branham’s take of the Addams Family, expect to see familiar faces if you have seen a recent Branham musical. Many of the leads have been in previous school productions, such as juniors Savidu Geevaratne as the patriarch Gomez, Caroline Ware as Morticia as well as sophomore Julia Bozzo, sophomore Sophia Passarelli and freshman Jack Swartz. These talents are sure to make Addams family a must-see.

The casts’ vocals are strong, appealing and displays the obvious vocal talent of those involved. Not only this, but dancing skills are strong. Senior Kristen Williams is the choreographer, having done so in past musicals.

The show has run into some minor bumps. Rehearsals for this program have been difficult due to the faculty musical taking place only two weeks before this show after several schedule changes. That has not dampened the actors’ enthusiasm for the show.

The Addams Family production will be a hit for musical lovers, Addams Family fans, anyone related to the cast or just someone wanting to be entertained. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on seatyourself.biz/branham or at the door for $10 with ASB, $12 without.

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