Partying, partying, nah! For spring break, students catch up on sleep, relaxation

Image courtesy 20th Century Fox

By Grace Clinton
Sports Editor

When one types the term “spring break” into a search bar, the images that come up are, by and large, uniform images of people, primarily young people, on the beach sporting their swimsuits and holding some sort of alcoholic beverage.

Evidently, spring break has earned itself a reputation of being a platform for beach parties, little clothing, excessive alcohol drinking, and scandals. The infamous week even earned itself a place in the spotlight in the 2012 action/drama known as “Spring Breakers” which features A-list actors Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and James Franco. Of course, spring break makes appearances in many other Hollywood movies, and often lives up to its connotations.


Image courtesy 20th Century Fox

While many people do indulge themselves in the stereotypical spring break lifestyle, many people, especially college students, also do quite the opposite. In other words, many people do nothing. Some people choose to stay home and watch Netflix all week and eat an unhealthy amount of pizza, or are prevented from engaging in typical spring break activities as they have certain responsibilities to attend to such as studying, working, watching siblings, etc.

When revealing their plans for spring break, multiple Branham students said that their plans consisted of home and local plans for the week off. Junior Donovan Clayton explained it was in his plans to “just stay home and get a lot of sleep” while junior Miguel Cardenas Regalado said he intended to “work on personal projects.”

Both boys lived up to their plans.
Additionally, freshman Jojo Chisholm explained she had plans of “reading and playing tennis,” while junior Matthew Garcia had a responsible agenda as he explained his plan was to “work all week.” These two also did exactly as they wanted.
Miguel, Donovan, and Jojo think that movies are not an accurate depiction of spring break; however, Matthew thinks that they are. He agrees that there is a pretty even split of people that go the party route and people that want to do other things.
The mid-semester week off means something different to each person. Some party, some work, some relax, and some do a little bit of both. It seems that people don’t set high expectations for spring break that they will inevitably fail to carry though.
Most people know how they intend to spend the week and end up living up to their ideas, as often times they set plans that are local and practical. As well as, they are aware of the implications of spring break that are widely featured on the big screen, but at the end of the day people set expectations they know are in their reach and end up following through the majority of the time.

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