Trash Talk

Littering is an issue at our school. Despite the 186 trash cans around the campus, Taconada wrappers still manage to elude the trashcans. The custodial staff has to spend extra time picking up after lunchtime.

Don’t think that environmental issues at Branham go unnoticed; The Students Promoting Awareness of Recycling and Environment (SPARE) Club, focuses on campus beautification and emptying the recycling bins they have placed in every room.

On a wider scale, a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indicates that approximately 75 percent of the American waste stream is recyclable but only about 30 percent is actually recycled.

Vianna Vo, president of SPARE, responds to the littering issue with, “You don’t have to plant forests or save an endangered species in order to make an impact… by recycling, you are reducing the amount of trash that is sent to the landfill and ultimately decreasing environmental degradation.”

The club meets every Thursday after school to donate their time and energy to recycling and picking up litter around the campus.

Janitorial staff member Moises Espinoza said that even though janitors are here to clean the school and take out the trash, “the bottom line is [that] students need to take pride in their school.”

Mr. Espinoza also noticed how most students properly threw away their trash in elementary school and middle school, but in high school it seems to all go out the door.  He also observes the quad often left in shambles after lunch with students “just leaving everything on the tables and just walking away.” Similarly, he described students taking food, usually apples, into the locker room just to smash them on the floor despite the garbage cans placed in the facility.

Steve Rodriguez, the CUHSD Site Custodial Supervisor, said, “You’re [students are] all here to get an education, we as custodians are here to support you and try to keep the place clean and safe – for 1500 students there’s only 4 of us and it’s very challenging.”

Mr. Rodriguez concluded that the bottom line regarding the littering issue at Branham stems from students not having pride for their school. If students could better support the school by picking up trash or fixing crooked club banners that extra step would be greatly appreciated. We wouldn’t go home and drop trash on our floor so why treat school any different?

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