Picture This: Branham Students Express Interest for Photography

There has been a recent surge in Branham students displaying their passion for photography. Put a camera in their hands, and they’ll figure out how to create a piece of art.

Sophomore Natasha Mills started her love for photography as a kid.

“I grew up with my mom and many other photographers in my family, so I was introduced to it at a young age,” said the aspiring photographer. “I loved it from the start and it became something I grew interested in as I got older, which led me to my passion for nature photography.”

Mills said that photography allows her to capture the aesthetic moments of her life.

“I love being able to go on hikes or travel and take beautiful shots to give a little taste of what I got to see throughout my adventures,” she said.

It’s not uncommon for people to begin their passion for photography at a young age. Sophomore Roman Bowlzowski’s interest in photography also stems from exposure starting as a child.

“I got into photography as a child by watching my father take pictures of me, and challenging him by saying I could do better,” he said. “A couple of years later, he bought me an expensive camera so I had more freedom to express my images in the finest quality.”

Instagram has become a great outlet for students to promote their talents. Many student photographers have created accounts dedicated purely to showing off their work.

Junior Mikayla Dimulias takes a lot of pride in her photography account.

“I created an account to share my photos because I really just wanted to have a place to put the pictures I am most proud of, and share them with those who come across my account.”  Dimulias appreciates how her camera allows her to “capture personal memories and moments.”

Constant advancement in photography technology also contributes to this hobby being widely spread. Almost any cell phone has some type of camera built into it, especially the highly popular iPhone.

Sophomore Sophia Gibson can vouch for the fact that you don’t need to start with a big, fancy camera to fall in love with photography.

“The first time I ever got a hold of an iPod with a camera on it I realized taking pictures was something I liked to do.”

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