Blue Crew spirit ignores other sports


Picture this: it is a Friday night in November and the sun has just gone down; the stands at Branham are packed full of cheering fans watching the varsity football game. But no one cheers as hard, as loud, and as passionately as Blue Crew, and the group does an excellent job of showing its support for the football team with loud cheers, chants and jumping, you name it.

While Blue Crew spirit during football games is great, the goal of Blue Crew is really to get supporters out to most, if not all, sports games throughout the school year. “The main goal of Blue Crew is to definitely show support for our sports teams while also creating an atmosphere of solidarity,” said senior Jason Kim, one of Blue Crew’s leaders and ASB President.

The Blue Crew should ideally attend at least one game, match, or meet of EACH sport during the course of the year. But most people, myself included, mainly associate Blue Crew with football season.

Additionally, Blue Crew as a group sees more signups than those who turn up for the games. Jason also said that, “there has for sure been a trend of people signing up but not showing up even  throughout the football season.”

He also brought up the point that “Blue Crew leaders of the past never made much of an effort to rally spirits at other sporting events,” so it appears this is not a new thing.

This said, it isn’t like Blue Crew members never come out to watch other sports. For instance, for varsity field hockey senior night at Branham, a significant amount of Blue Crew members attended. Blue Crew does make an effort to come to senior nights and CCS games.

Football tends to get the most love as it is a convenient and sociable sport to watch. It is also at the beginning of the year, so the pace of the school year is not at its full height just yet, giving students the time and energy to come out and watch.

Another factor is that some games are just not as easy to watch. Golf crowds follow the players around the course, which can seem awkward. Swim is also an odd sport to watch, as it is hard to watch the swimmer sand really observe anything exciting.

I love sports, but I usually only attend the football games and occasionally the sports my friends play. Jason explained that he has noticed that there has been more support at games of other sports, and while it is mainly athletes supporting other athletes, it is still a good sight to see.

There are 14 sports at Branham, spread out among varsity, JV and frosh-soph. The options are endless. If you are in Blue Crew, find a day when you have some extra time, grab your jacket and go watch some sports.

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