New secretary takes over front office

By Grace Clinton

Last December, beloved Branham secretary Barbara Nishiguchi stepped down after 17 years here and 30 years in the district. After everyone said their goodbyes and Ms. Nishiguchi left, Branham wasted no time in searching for someone to fill the position. In January, Melody Jones came aboard to fill Ms. Nishiguchi’s big shoes. Ms. Jones previously worked at the District Office in the payroll department, and prior to that she was an ASB banker at two of the schools in the district. She was one of 26 applicants for the secretary position at Branham.

Cheryl Lawton, Branham’s principal, explained that “all of the people interviewed were well-qualified, but in the end the inter- view panel decided that Ms. Jones was the best overall fit for both the requirements of the position and Branham.”

A school secretary is someone who assists with correspondence, keeps records, makes appointments, and essentially tackles any obstacles that a school is facing. The job  of a secretary is a vital role in the school system and a big part of making schools run smoothly despite all the obstacles and setbacks they face every year.

Ms. Jones said that being around  students and helping them solve problems was a main reason why she was interested . Most of all though, Ms. Jones said she liked the “variety of the job.” In other words, she likes the fact that her role is not the same from day to day. When asked what her first impressions of Branham were, Ms. Jones said “(she) feels it’s a great community that works together.”

As far as what happens  ext, Ms. Jones explained it is her intention to “continue on with Ms. Nishiguchi’s traditions.”

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