Working Bruins on the minimum wage increase

SAI TUMMALA Staff Writer

  Many students work in order to save for college, transportation fees, and recreational spending, but some are working to get high school G credits as well.

  The Work Experience Education Program in Room 40, led by Mary Anne Neil teaches students about the work environment; credits are based on the total number of hours spent working or volunteering outside of school.

  “I work to save up for college, but through this class, I also get extra credits,” said Senior Nick Perkins.

  The class meets every Wednesday at 7 a.m. to learn about work skills and the etiquette needed to be successful in the work environment.

  Living in Silicon Valley comes with a hefty price tag. The median price of a home in the Bay Area is more than $1 million, twice as much as Seattle, and four times as much as Chicago.

  Due to this great monetary burden, some families need their children to work while in high school for extra support. Students could get a chance to save up as well.

  “The raise in the minimum wage would give me more money to save up and have more pocket money.” said Junior Sia Klaibua, who works weekends and Fridays at Togo’s.

  The higher wages could also help with the price of a college education. The cost of attending a CSU while also being an on-campus resident, tuition, housing, and textbooks would require $26,402 a year.

  These expenses would require extensive student loans, but higher wages would decrease the need for loans, thus there would be much less student debt.

  A major change that may affect students’ relationship with work would be the increase of the minimum wage from 9 dollars to 15 dollars by 2021 under the Fair Wage Act and by $1 increments every year. Not only could students contribute to their family, but they could also get a chance to save up money for college, and not worry about completely relying on student loans for an education. Other students are skeptical about the rise in minimum wage: “The increase of the minimum wage would increase the price average things like clothes and groceries, and we would have to save up more.” said Junior Anthony Gigliello.

  Branham student who also have a job save up money for recreational spending and saving up for college, and with the Fair Wages Act being passed, the entire community will be affected by the increase of the minimum wage through inflation of prices or the raise in their salary.

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