Talking turkey: Over 2,000 calories worth of holiday delights


  When it comes to the holidays, there is one thing we all think about: food. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas usually involve grand feasts, which may cause some guilt for those who should be watching their weight. On average, holiday dinners tend to be over 2,000 calories, but luckily, it is proven that “most Americans appear to only gain about one pound of body weight during the holidays.” Though gaining one pound may make you less worried, that extra pound is really stubborn, which makes it really hard to shave it off.

  Some easy ways to stay healthy throughout this holiday season is by simply eating moderately. One should eat breakfast and have small snacks before any holiday dinner, so you can avoid overeating. Also, you should fill half your dinner plate with vegetables, one quarter with a lean meat, and the rest with a starch of your choice. Another tip is to serve yourself small portions of side dishes so you can try a variety of them. For drinks, you should drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated, full, and healthy.

  Usually, once we finish eating dinner, we all eat some type of dessert, and may want to reach for a second slice of pumpkin pie, but a better idea is to take a walk with your family after dinner. Taking a walk around your neighborhood will help you burn some calories and make you say no to extra calories. Another way to stay healthy is to schedule a workout the day after the holidays with family or friends.

  Some food to eat a lot of without feeling guilty are cranberries and sweet potatoes or yams. Cranberries are fruits that are packed with antioxidants and they can help strengthen the immune system. Sweet potatoes and yams have plenty of potassium, and are good for heart health.

  Overall, enjoy your holiday dinners, but just remember to eat in moderation.

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