Give us a break!


  Over Thanksgiving break, I had assignments for Journalism, Chemistry Honors, Spanish, and  English. So was it really a break?

  For students, break is a time to rest and recharge. They finally have time to catch up with family, friends and participate in extracurricular activities. Unfortunately for many Branham students like me, homework took up the majority of the week off.

  However, there are students out there who have little to worry about academic-wise; their schools have banned homework over break altogether. It is constantly debated between students, teachers, and parents on whether or not homework should be given during breaks.

  We should not have homework over these week-long rest periods. Breaks normally come around big holidays, when families get together for dinner or day trips. They are opportunities for students to connect with people they haven’t seen in a long time. Instead of having to finish piles of homework, they could be using the time to make fun memories with their friends.

  Breaks are supposed to be time away from anything school-related. There is no debate school causes stress and many unneeded emotions. In a survey conducted by the Stress in America agency, 30 percent of teens report feeling sad or depressed because of stress from school and 31 percent felt overwhelmed and tired.

  Another 23 percent say they have skipped meals because of schoolwork. Break should be a time to forget about school and catch up with other things. Students don’t only have school in their life. They have friends, extracurricular activities and hobbies.

  There will be some students who will want to use break to catch up in certain classes through additional independent studies; they would prefer to focus on these things rather than finish actual assignments. I can personally relate to a lot of this.

  I have soccer practice and games that take up most of my day, every day. There are many instances where I will fall behind in fast-paced classes like Chemistry Honors and Spanish, and need extra time to keep my grade from dropping.

  In my case, Thanksgiving break was the perfect time to do so. But it was just my luck that I ended up sick all week, unable to work on many of the things assigned for my break. Thinking about all the work I had to finish by Monday made my week miserable.

  Break is not serving its purpose.

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