From BHS to CSU

DEMI LE Staff Writer

  Fewer Branham students are enrolling in CSUs but more are enrolling in the UC system, according to the data from the California State University.

  The database reported that the number of Branham students who enrolled at California State University campuses fell from 61 in 2012 to 43 in 2014. From 2012 to 2015, the amount of enrollees in the 9 UC campuses for undergraduates steadily increased from 24 to 34 students. Statewide, more students apply to CSUs than to UCs but the opposite trend is prevalent for Branham.

  Guidance adviser Loan Hong mentioned that this trend may indicate that students are seeking pursuing higher education in other ways than the direct four-year route.

  “It shows that more students want to pursue an education after high school and we want students to have the option of a four-year (college),” Ms. Hong said. “A two-year is completely okay, as long as they are continuing their education.”

  Senior Lindsay Hill was among the students who applied to UCs.

  “I applied to more UCs because they are more research-based,” she said. “Since I’m planning on majoring in biology and will probably have to go to graduate school, UCs provide a better path for this.”

  UCs have a reputation of providing more rigorous courses, with an emphasis on developing research skills, as well as providing an assortment of internship opportunities. Thus, they may be a major reason why there are many more UC applicants.

  Senior Maddie Delgros said that she mainly chose CSUs because they are generally much cheaper. Other than financial reasons, Maddie said that CSU Sonoma, her top choice, has a great teaching program.

  “I don’t see any point to make my parents pay so much money if I can get an education at a CSU for a much lower price than, say, Stanford.” she said.

  For example, attending UC and living on campus will cost students $34,200 annually, compared to the CSU, with costs ranging from $20,000 to $27,000, according to the data from the University of California and California State University. There is an obvious disparity between the costs of a CSU and UC, which is a big factor of consideration during the application process.

  Senior Lena Saucedo also mentioned another perk of CSU admission.

  “CSUs are easier to get into,” she said. “Also, other UCs didn’t appeal to me as much.”

  There are many reasons as to why students prefer one state school over the other, but all choices are good choices as long as students are “continuing their education beyond high school,” Ms. Hong said.

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