Bond may aid in cafeteria renovation


  Santa Clara County residents voted to pass Measure AA with nearly 66 percent of the votes this past November. This measure gave the Campbell Union High School District $275 million to put toward renovating, updating and improving our campuses.

  One of the areas our school principal Cheryl Lawton said she would like to work on is our cafeteria. The building that is meant to be a popular eating space is typically not used to its potential; while food is sold through its windows every day, very few students actually regard the inside of the cafeteria as a favorite place to eat.

  “It doesn’t look like it’s even designated to be an eating space,” said sophomore Kylie Delaney pointed out that the cafeteria’s appearance is confusing. “There’s just a couple of tables sitting in the back of the room. I’m honestly not even sure if we can go in there at lunch sometimes.

  Ms. Lawton said that she aims to make the cafeteria a more open space for students to buy and enjoy their lunch. She would like to make it more buffet-style, with actual checkout lines to make for an efficient purchasing process.

  This, combined with a better seating area, will presumably create a more welcoming spot. One concern about a remodel is the fact that the cafeteria essentially serves as a classroom for Branham’s Leadership class, which was previously located in room 7.

  The cafeteria was able to function as more of a working environment for the Leadership students. Some fear that a remodel would hinder the class.

  To address that, Ms. Lawton would like to provide ASB with a new space of their own. One option is creating them an area where the book room currently is. She would also like to get more input from the community on the remodel.

  On the Branham website, there were surveys available for students, staff, and parents to give their opinions. The input given will be considered when making CUHSD’s Assessment & Master Plan, which outlines multiple proposals regarding what needs to be renovated. Furthermore, she extends an invitation to have a few students form their own district committee. This committee will meet at district meetings to help prioritize which parts of the school need more attention than others.

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