Missing school makes us sick


  It seems as the days grow shorter and the weather colder, classrooms are getting emptier and emptier. The common cold that comes with the transition into the wintry season usually keeps students in bed, cozy in their blankets and away from the stress of school.

  But what about the students who bare the sickness at school? Why are there students who still go to class, despite their obviously worsening case of the sniffles?

  Health clerk Michele Crescibene has a rule for those who are sick: “If they have a fever- stay home,” and says that students should stay home to recover even if they’re not contagious.

  The main concern of sick students tends to be focused on their schoolwork instead of their health. This arises due to how overwhelming it is to make-up school work and stay up to date with classes. Students don’t want a sick day to negatively impact their grade, even if it is just the slightest impact.

  For those on the borderline, those five participation points might decide the semester. While missing one day of school may seem like no big deal, the pile of make-up work adds even more stress to those waiting to recover.

  And although you may feel just as ill on campus as at home, it is easier to coerce yourself to work when in a classroom environment.

  Speaking from personal experience, keeping grades up is a tiresome and obsessive experience. Maybe one day you wake up feeling your absolute worst and find that it is nearly impossible to get out of bed, but the pain of sitting through eight hours of lectures is worth maintaining your As. It is frightening how school takes over your life so intensely that even if you were hours away from your deathbed, you would still get up to take that 50-point test.

  It is important to maintain a healthy balance. As a student, school is a vital part of life. The issue is that it should not impose on our health, the very thing that allows us to live long with the least amount of pain. Have ambition, but don’t push too hard. Think of other students as well, if you are contagious, you should not go to school because you are jeopardizing the health of others students as well; at this point, it influences more than just your own individual health.This is why it is so vital to be reminded that taking a sick day, especially when you are feeling under the weather, is a necessity that you should not feel guilty about.

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