Winter Sports Previews


‘Promising freshmen’ brighten team outlook’

Staff Writer
Last year, the Branham’s Wrestling Team won the West Valley Championship with a record of 6-1. This year looks just as promising. With returning members Lucas Peters, David Ciprian, and Nick Valendez, the team is sure to have a good season, especially with the help of, as Coach Miller puts it, “many promising freshmen.” Their goal for this year is to get as many people into CCS as possible. Coach Miller says that team captains will be chosen by whoever works the hardest. That said, the wrestlers have had plenty of chances to do just that. They’ve been exercising and conditioning since summer, and according to Coach Miller, things are “so far so good.” He goes on to say, “We still [have to] teach the new guys stuff, but [that usually] comes with the new guys.”


Strong returners seek shot at CCS spot

Staff Writer
Last season, the boys’ Frosh, JV, and Varsity basketball teams didn’t do quite as well as they would have liked to. But this year just may be their lucky year. Conditioning has started and has been pushing these new and returning players to their limits, as drills get progressively harder due to the approach of the 2016-17 season. Between that, and their all around talented and hardworking varsity team led by senior varsity captain Jarrett Powers, they believe they have a real shot at achieving their goal: getting as many players as possible into CCS. All teams will play against Saratoga in their first game on Nov. 29.


Seeking a return to playoff form

Staff Writer
Branham’s 2016-17 Boys and Girls soccer season is starting soon. Tryouts are on Halloween, and both teams have been conditioning hard in preparation for the season. This year, for the first time, there will be a Branham boys’ freshman team. “We always have a lot of boys coming out, and we want to give all of them the opportunity to play,” Danny Kadah says, head coach of the boys’ soccer team. And all coaches are looking forward to this season. “I’d like to see us win CCS this year,” Ron Smare says, head coach of the girls’ soccer program. Last year, the girls’ varsity had a
strong season, ending with a 10-4-2 record. They made it to the CCS finals, eventually losing to Menlo-Atherton. Boys’ varsity also did well, ending with a 8-7-0 record. They made it to the CCS finals as well but got knocked out during the first round. Boys’ JV team placed first in A league. It was Zaya Arami’s first year as a Coach at Branham and he was very content with it and enjoyed it: “I’m really proud of the Boy’s and the way they played this season. It was rough at times but they kept their head up. Hopefully next year will be as good.” Smare and the JV coach, Laura Andersson were very happy with last year’s progress and their upcoming season, saying, “I think [Branham’s soccer program] is growing and improving a lot. Both men’s and women’s teams made it to CCS. Our recent success is bringing people to Branham who live in the free zone and can choose another school.” Coach Smare also reminds it’s all about having fun. “I want to make sure they have fun,” he says. “For them, to have a lot of fun is the most important thing. [We’re]all about having a great time this season.” The girls’ first game is on Jan. 4, against Leland. The boys’ first game is on Jan. 3, against Evergreen Valley.

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