Taking over the airwaves

ALEX MERTENS Online Editor

If you listened to 99.7 NOW between 8-9 p.m. two Fridays ago, you may have heard some familiar voices from Branham.

Branham won a radio station contest where in return for a school  takeover” at lunch, students have the chance to take over the airwaves.

Junior Emily Ngo initially won the contest with big help from Junior Mac Francini, who spread the #TAKEOVER997! hashtag through his meme account with thousands of followers.

At lunch on the day of the takeover, Eric “Strawberry” Fielden, the radio host, and his DJ arrived on the quad students filled up  he quad and danced.

That night, Emily, Mac, and juniors Payton DeCarlo and Jenna Cardoza, sophomores Kylie Delaney and Conner Ngo and freshmen Caroline Ralston and Belle Ngo arrived at the station in San  Francisco.

Some students were not sure what to expect. “I was really nervous going into the radio station, especially since I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to say.” Payton said. “I wasn’t expecting it to  e that entertaining at all but it was very organized and the sweet people at the station calmed my nerves.”

The students were brought to the studio, which shares spaces with Alice 97.3 and Live 105.3. They were given a brief tour, which included walls of signed posters and records.

Before heading into the booth, the group determined their playlist for their hour on air, which included  introductions to songs and shout-outs to friends.

Strawberry helped the students record their intros, and edited on the fly all extraneous “ums” and “uhs.”

“Being inside the booth was awesome  because we got to see the process of how the DJs mix the music and cut together audio from the mics and people who called in,” Mac said. “DJ Strawberry … managed to make an hour and a half  n the booth feel like just a few minutes.”

Aside from students calling in to cheer on their classmates and requesting songs, a caller from Leigh taunted the hour-long DJs.

“I can smell you guys  from here,” he said, to boos from the Bruins.

As the hour ended, Strawberry turned the mic to Conner, who talked about the upcoming Winter Wishes rally.

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