ROYAL ALLIANCE’S ROYAL FLUSH: Marching band takes takes home the gold at Cupertino for their second competition of the season

DEREK HOGAN Staff Writer


Branham High School’s Royal Alliance had quite a performance at Cupertino High School on October 8th. The team brought home the gold with outstanding scores on their card.

The performance takes the audience to a French wedding. Philippe, played by Savidu Geevaratne (11), is a wedding planner who narrates the story of planning a wedding for Enzo and Isabel. Sadly, in the end, Enzo runs off with a clown because her true love is the circus.   In preparation for the performance, the group spent countless hours practicing notes, positioning, and acting. Then, minutes till, the performers put on their blue and white uniforms and warm up with some scales. “During the performance, everything went to plan, I am very happy that it went to plan and I am also extremely proud of everyone,” Dylan Staud (10) says. The story starts off with Philippe describing the setting and story. Then, gracefully the color guard stands up and starts frolicking around to the light music coming out of the band’s instruments. Then at once, the color guard retrieves their flags while the band picks up the tempo. The band scurries across the field getting into many difficult positions and formations. The most impressive formation was  the snake; while the band swerved around like a snake, the collar guard danced through them all. The scene ends, but then the next one quickly begins. As the color guard grabbed their guns, the band played a snazzy jazz beat. The collar guard flipped their guns in the air in complete synchronization as they moved around to the slick tune.

Finally, the band starts to play Canon in D, a very famous wedding song. Then, Isabel steps out and begins to get dressed for her wedding. She then walks down the aisle, which is formed by the band, and meets her fiance Enzo at the end. The officiant announces, “… speak now or forever hold your peace!” Right then and there two clowns stumble out jubbling and balancing on top of balls. “I object,” says the clown,” Enzo, you can not deny that your one and only true love is the circus!” As Enzo runs away, Philippe drags Isabel way from the crowd. Lastly, Isabel picks up a cake and throws in into Philippe’s face as the band gets into a formation spelling out “No”. The crowd stands up on their feet giving the Branham High School Royal Alliance a standing ovation.


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