Senatorial term length: Unlimited terms mean unlimited money


Want to be wealthy, have great benefits, and make laws? Join Congress, where the median net worth is a million dollars! To qualify, just be 25 years old and an American citizen for at least seven years. This is the twenty- first century democracy, where the people vote and you earn Benjamins; it’s a beautiful thing! With elected representatives in office, power goes to the people, and the people can never lose. If the people select the wrong person, who is that person fighting for? And if democracy fails, who wins?

According to the New York Times, more than half of Congress are millionaires. The richest is Darrell Issa, the representative of California, who has a net worth of 786 million dollars. He made most of his fortune from strategic business decisions and investments in the private sector. Sure he may make tons of money, but can he be trusted to accurately represent the average American citizen, especially when he’s part of the top 1%? This year, a Rasmussen Report opinion poll stated that only twenty-four percent (24%) of voters think that their representative is the best person for the job.

If the average Joe in Congress earns $174,000, which is $92,600 above average income of citizens in the country, how do they become so rich? Many who participated in the poll said that they receive financial support from special interest and lobbyist groups who try to influence legislation and policy only seeking to benefit themselves.

Results from a Gallup poll. In 2005 show that seventy-five percent (75%) of Americans believe congressional term limits would prevent corrupt politicians from holding office for their own benefit instead of doing what’s best for the people. When the people select representatives, the representatives should always make sure to put the people first. Former Republican presidential nominee, Dr. Ben Carson says, “We must encourage innovation and ingenuity to improve the state of our nation “We must encourage innovation and ingenuity to improve the state of our nation. Term limits create more opportunities for fresh ideas.”

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